Social media blows up over Bali McDonald’s

Sharing a glimpse of what’s on offer for McDonald’s lovers on the popular holiday island, TikTok user Diana Trofim showed fans on the social media platform everything from burgers to desserts, sides and even matcha drinks.

This is a glimpse inside McDonald’s in Bali.
This Japanese inspired burger is blowing up TikTok.

One of the burgers, dubbed the Beef Yakiniku Tamago Burger is topped with beef and Yakiniku sauce with a combination of nori (seaweed) and sliced ​​cabbage, plus egg, all served on a loaf of soft bread.

“It looks so much healthier. I love it,” one person wrote.

“This would be my dream McDonald’s,” another added.

“I’m going to cry … McDonald’s in Bali looks so good.

Indonesia rolled out the Japanese-inspired menu in time for the Olympics, which are currently taking place in Japan.

The TikTok video has been liked more than 500,000 times while the short clip has received almost 7000 comments.

The Japanese-inspired menu celebrates the Tokyo Olympics.
Is it a drink or is it a dessert?

Last month, an American globetrotter – Drew ‘Binsky’ Goldberg – who has visited 194 countries and eaten at 75 different McDonalds restaurants, knows exactly where to find the best burger.

Speaking to, Binsky said McDonald’s in Singapore, Hong Kong and in Malaysia were the best places to get yourself a good Macca’s fix – but said Venezuela had a lot of work to do to get to the top spot.


let’s try McDonald’s in Bali

Social media blows up over Bali McDonald’s

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“I have eaten McDonald’s in 75 countries now and I did it at the beginning as like a cultural experience,” he said.

“I don’t always just go and shove my face with this food because it’s not healthy. But sometimes [McDonald’s] is a good taste of home if I’m travelling for like six months at a time.

“But every country it’s always different with a different menu item and it’s just fun to kind of see what McDonald’s is like in different countries.

“The worst McDonald’s I have had is definitely in Venezuela. They don’t really import the fries and they don’t import the ketchup so it’s all made locally.

“Usually, McDonald’s has this standard where it’s supposed to taste the same wherever you go and it’s usually true, but in Venezuela the sauce is different and the meat is different and just really not good.

“On the flip side I have had some really good McDonald’s in Singapore and in Hong Kong and in Malaysia which even do delivery.

“I thought McDonald’s in Australia was great and it definitely held up to the standard. But to be honest, I thought all the food in Australia was fantastic.”

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